Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SOS childrens Village

This is the second piece I put up in India. I spent the months before India knitting just long strips unsure of what I was going to do with them, after my time volunteering at the SOS childrens village I decieded that the best thing would be to sew them all together around a tree. While I was putting this piece up the kids were SOO cute, when I was done they like hugged the tree saying "wow wow wow" it made me smile for sure.

Also funny story, when I got home my mom let me know that while I was away one of our "lovely" neighbors took it upon themselves to take down my piece that was up in the alley and deposit it on our porch. Well it was quite nice of them to return it, I will put it back up after some repair....but I guess Im going to have to start putting up pieces in the dark...silly neighbors


  1. I. Love. This. You should definitely "rebomb" the alleyway. Let them know who they're dealing with ;)
    "Wow wow wow" that is so cute.

  2. You've got to put it in friends' neighbors alleyways. Less contact with the home owners and less people to know explicitly who puts up the work.

    That's our style at least.

  3. Also, this work in India and impoverished areas is fantastic. I need to read more posts about it but the fact it's for a purpose adds an important (and NEEDED) level of meaning to knitted graffiti.