Friday, December 3, 2010

not graffiti but basically awesome

so this post is not about knitted graffiti, Lately I have been preparing for a really big project that I will be putting up in March or April, but as a break from all the same project I fashioned these amazing leg warmers, when I was finished the first one I wore it by itself while I was finishing the second, which was fun and caused many questions, but anyway these are my extremely exciting hobo chic legwarmers

Thursday, November 18, 2010

let it snow?

Winter has hit! back in September I started thinking about how snow would effect my yarn bombing and at that point I decided I was going to stop for the season, since then I have had some lovely inspiration and don't think that will be the case, although I do think for the most part tagging with slow down and project production with skyrocket.

What are other peoples thoughts on the snow and their projects?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday yarn bombing!

For my 21 birthday I invited my friends to join me in a yarn bombing adventure, I had seen this Idea somewhere on flicker and decided it would be fun to do with a large group. First I got to do it with a group of my lovely family whilst I was visiting Saskatoon and then I got to do it with friends and people I love in Calgary. The pedestrians in Calgary were very receptive and many stopped and joined us, Saskatoon was encouraging but not so many stopped. The whole point of my birthday party was suppose to be a promotion of love and I was taking donations for hands at work it was really cool that people not only stopped and helped with the knit art but donated to the cause.

the mush

maybe 2 years ago? for Christmas I was gifted a book on Knit grafiti, thats basically how I found out about this whole wonderful thing, Inside this book are many different ideas and patterns. It has a section on "knitted landscape" and there is this pattern for knitted mushrooms, when I saw them I took the idea and ran with it, first doing a few for our house and then decieding I was going to make sure there was knitted mushrooms for every single camp site at a music festival we were going to. The camp site thing didnt work out because it was actually a huge event, although I did still put a bunch of them around. That event was where I learned what I will determine a knit grafiti universal truth, babies are the knitted mushrooms mortal enemy....I wont get to into it but lets just say I was unappreciative of small toddlers and their parents (but only in the knitted mushroom context, otherwise small toddlers and their parents are sweeeeet). Anyway knitted mushrooms were also awesome for me cause it pushed me to learn a new stich...yay for knitted mushrooms


Knit grafiti is a growing movement and Ive noticed a few fun pieces around this city, these are all some of my finds! They are all in the same area and I suspect they might be the same person/group, I actually wrote a note and stuck it to one of the pieces saying basically to email me so we could maybe connect and stuff but alas nothing came out of it.

I appreciate their lovely work just the same though...
(oh also the top on was sent to me by my friend who lives in halifax)

late post on my first knit instalatation

This was my first project, I got the idea from a book and i was estatic to put it up, although I realized I didnt plan it very well it was still alot of fun. I noticed like 45 minutes after it was put up that someone had already taken down a piece...i hope they used it as a scarf

in the alley...

This was my latest big piece, I remember just getting so frustrated cause it was taking so long to knit all the pieces, but in the end I think it really looks sweet!
This was the first time I ever experiancedany negativity to knit art. Two of the neighbor women kind of came and grilled me about what I was doing, it was kind of ridiculous, but because of their snotty-ness i have gone to extra pains to make sure this piece stays up.... I think i will eventually knit a cover for the other divider but focusing so much on one projects gets me a little bored so that will be a project for later...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

purple and green and sparkle sparkle sparkle

Just a cute little piece

"you are loved"

This piece did not photograph well but each layer of knitting has a word stiched into it and it spells out "you are loved" I put this piece up near a homeless shelter in our city, and I had a number of comments as I was installing this piece. 3 months later "are" and "loved" are still up, I plan on going back and putting up a new "you" as well

the start!

This is long over due!
I guess I was waiting so that our crew could be more organized and blog as a group but alas it seems we have kind of disbanded, everyone is still apart of Communknittea in their hearts but i think people are busy and stuff like that so we are no longer meeting on a regular basis.

So this blog will be my experiance as a Knit grafitist and I will invite my friends who part take in this wonderful activity to also blog here.

Calgary is start to get wet and Im considering shutting down the tagging season until spring, but that is still up for debate in my mind.
Im working on a big project right now and havent had to much time to knit so nothing have been done that recently, other then my birthday part which was a promotion of love party and had a knit grafiti aspect, put I will do a seprate post on that.

but anyway thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me at