Thursday, November 18, 2010

let it snow?

Winter has hit! back in September I started thinking about how snow would effect my yarn bombing and at that point I decided I was going to stop for the season, since then I have had some lovely inspiration and don't think that will be the case, although I do think for the most part tagging with slow down and project production with skyrocket.

What are other peoples thoughts on the snow and their projects?


  1. lol, I am lucky that I do not have to deal with snow when it comes to my bombs.
    Although, I did have a tag sag all the way down a tree that I had put it on because it swelled with water like a sponge when it rained.

  2. oh my! Ive had that to! I guess just gotta think of ways to use the snow to enhance the project

  3. It's certainly harder on the fingers when putting stuff up during the winter-time. I love putting projects up in the summer, when knit or crochet is the last thing on people's minds. Also, when people's responses to work is less so "that could be warming somebody's fingers!!!"

    Great work! Brush off that snow and let us see it fully!