Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday yarn bombing!

For my 21 birthday I invited my friends to join me in a yarn bombing adventure, I had seen this Idea somewhere on flicker and decided it would be fun to do with a large group. First I got to do it with a group of my lovely family whilst I was visiting Saskatoon and then I got to do it with friends and people I love in Calgary. The pedestrians in Calgary were very receptive and many stopped and joined us, Saskatoon was encouraging but not so many stopped. The whole point of my birthday party was suppose to be a promotion of love and I was taking donations for hands at work it was really cool that people not only stopped and helped with the knit art but donated to the cause.


  1. This fence art is sooo effective. it ertanly invites people closer to inspect..


  2. Awesome job! Perfect motivation for achieving something fantastic!