Friday, October 22, 2010

the mush

maybe 2 years ago? for Christmas I was gifted a book on Knit grafiti, thats basically how I found out about this whole wonderful thing, Inside this book are many different ideas and patterns. It has a section on "knitted landscape" and there is this pattern for knitted mushrooms, when I saw them I took the idea and ran with it, first doing a few for our house and then decieding I was going to make sure there was knitted mushrooms for every single camp site at a music festival we were going to. The camp site thing didnt work out because it was actually a huge event, although I did still put a bunch of them around. That event was where I learned what I will determine a knit grafiti universal truth, babies are the knitted mushrooms mortal enemy....I wont get to into it but lets just say I was unappreciative of small toddlers and their parents (but only in the knitted mushroom context, otherwise small toddlers and their parents are sweeeeet). Anyway knitted mushrooms were also awesome for me cause it pushed me to learn a new stich...yay for knitted mushrooms


  1. I went nuts on knitted mushrooms a while back..

    they are soooo cool.

  2. Ooh! Your link is down. Your work is such a complete synopsis of knit graffiti. We can't wait to see you come into your own!