Saturday, August 20, 2011

Knit activism: Bottle picking!

Turns out my first knit activism blog is going to be on Bottle picking, even though this wasnt the first installation.

Bottle picking is odviously a common sterotype of homeless people and people often think its because people are to lazy to get a real job or that its easy money to fuel an addiction. I have a very hard time with blanket statements when it comes to homelessness as truely everyone is not the same.

I left these in kensington, i met someone who lives down there and he said "well its pretty awesome to live here cause you basically have a 24 hour bottle pick up service, if you have bottles you just leave them on the front lawn"

I crochetted them with the intention of telling you the story of Perry (Im using fake names just out of respect because this person doesnt know Im using his story) Perry was working with a staff member towards housing, one of his goals was full time employment, he had recently been hired for a job and decieded that, bright and early friday morning he was getting up and was going to bottle pick all day and into the night, he decieded he would sleep in the park with his cans and take them to the bottle depot so that he could buy bus tickets to go to work that next week....I really like this story because its probably not what people think about when they see a guy digging through the garabage for a can....

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