Thursday, September 1, 2011

Knit activism: the low track stroll

The low track stroll. I didnt know very much about where exactly the stroll was here in calgary until a few weeks ago when I went on a ride along with the DOAP (downtown outreach addictions partnership) team(i dont know how but i do hope to tag them). The DOAP team carries several condom kits filled with condoms, lube and wipes and drive down the stroll, they dont offer the kits but rather wait to be flagged down. I was surprized when we were flagged down by a guest I know from the shelter...I think there is a lot to understand about prositiuation, a lot that i straight up dont.

I remember time at the shelter asking one of the ladies where she had been as i hadn't seen her for a while and she told me "in jail" but that she didnt want to tell me why. I left it at that and later she came back and was like "are you going to judge me?" after pinky promising her that i wouldnt she told me "im a prostitute and thats what i was in jail for" she told me a little bit of her story and informed me that now that she's in her mid forties and since she got tricked into starting this way of life at the age of twelve she doesnt really know what else to do. This conversation blew my mind a little as her and i usually talked about how much she loves her grandkids or about africa...

I chose this specific pole because as we drove by the employees of the DOAP team saw someone they knew and said "I would never mess with that girl she's one tough lady"

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