Thursday, September 22, 2011

Knit Activism: Inn from the Cold

That "IFTC" banner in the background there is the entrance to "Inn from the Cold"

IFTC is Calgary's only family shelter. While I was putting up this tag, the school buses were dropping off kids and I was heartbroken and happy at the same time to see all the little kids get off the bus, heartbroken that these beautiful children are in this situation, but happy that families are staying together.

the picture of the back is so sloppy, i fixed it up but i was in such a hurry I didn't take a new picture, but i was trying a new technique, the image you see at the top is several felt hearts used as a part of this piece, i quite enjoyed it.

As I was putting this piece up a older gentleman who appears to be homeless approached me and said "oh so your the one who has been putting all theses up! they are very nice...i had seen one several times and later saw it on the ground, so i picked it up and gave it to my granddaughter, she wears it as a leg warmer"

so precious!

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