Thursday, September 15, 2011

Knit Activism: Mountain Air Lodge

As you can was raining the last time I was up at Mountain Aire Lodge(MAL)but the yarn bombing must go on!

So the Mustard seed's website describes MAL as

Mountain Aire Lodge near Sundre, Alberta offers a tranquil environment beyond
the inner city where homeless men and women from Calgary and Edmonton can
realize their full potential and positively change their lives

I spent 5ish weeks at MAL during a transitional time. I was there supporting Jamie (as par this is not the persons real name) who was at the time a 18 year old who was coming down from Crystal Meth. I remember a while back reading a story on to write love on her arms about these people who were staying with someone who was coming down from drugs, and they would just sit up and listen to music with her all night so she wouldn't have to be alone. I remember Jamie coming and knocking on my door after 1:00am, instead of music we watch several episodes of sex in the city and cleaned her room. Jamie showed me pictures of herself in the height of her addition, she was skin and bones, her words " i want my meth body back" burned in my mind and then she explained "well i want my meth feelings back to but if i want to keep my son that's not going to happen"

MAL is not a treatment center, and a treatment center was very obviously what Jamie needed, MAL gave her a place to clear her head and prepare herself for the brave choices towards sobriety she would need to make. I have no idea what happened to her....I hope she's doing well

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