Thursday, September 8, 2011

Knit Activism: The Mustard seed street level

Oh Mustard seed how I love you! and street level I love you also! in a different way fro m the shelter. Whenever I am down at street level I get this feeling of being part of history, this is not exactly where the seed started but a lot of its 25 year history is down here. My tag says "Hope grows here" (in case you couldnt tell!) because this is in fact the truth, Hope does grow at the mustard seed!

and I have a very specific knitting story to have to do with street level. Across the street from the doors in this picture is the "creative center" (maybe I will have to tag the creative center and do a seprate post on that!) and up until recently the creative center had a art studio in the basement, I volunteered in the art studio for a while and spent a lot of my time with Julie (again not real names) Julie was a male to female transgender, who happened to be on my caseload at the shelter, it was good to spend time with her exploring her creative side. Julie loved knitting, one afternoon we spent the entire time the art studio was open practicing knitting and walking literally by circling a table, it was hilarious and a memory I will keep with me a long time.

if you would like to read more about the Mustard seed, check out the blog

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